Boogie Board Ferric Tape Noir Garage Surf

Boogie Board Ferric tape Noir

(6 / 10)
Genre: Garage-rock, surf
Release Date: 1/30/2018
Label: Self-released


by Dillon Price

 | 5:22 PM EST

Dillon Price

Dillon Price

Dillon Price is the founder and sole author of Sound Renaissance. With a background in English and mass communications and a passion for independent music, Price launched SR in 2016.

Steve Denning is a solo artist out of Chicago who is the living definition of DIY – At least his music moniker Boogie Board. Everything is recorded, mixed and mastered by Denning on a 4-track recorder – giving his music a genuine lof-fi edge that rivals decades-old recording artists. In theory, a good garage and surf album can’t be made unless it’s produced with the subtle static of analog.

Boogie Board has just released their third album, following two 2017 EPs, Dream Telepathy and Surf n Turf. Denning’s new release, Ferric Tape Noir, infuses vintage garage with instrumental surf, krautrock, and psychedelia. From the get-go, the opening title-track, is an explosion of piercing drums and crunchy guitar chops.

While most of Ferric Tape Noir is instrumental, Denning unleashes an echo of vocals that resonate over layers of wavy surf-punk on “Flying Shadow” and “Abyss With Me.” The bulk of Ferric Tape Noir embodies a slew of jams with an occasional cinematic vibe – as heard on “Moon Waves” and “Night Walk.”

“Spectral Guide” ends things off with a juxtaposition of guitar-driven noise and synthy overtones – a oddity of experimentation and surrealism. For lo-fi enthusiasts, Ferric Tape Noir packs a punch of eight punked-up, static-driven surf tracks. If you haven’t listened yet, you can find this release at Boogie Board’s Bandcamp Page.