Album Reviews: Chomper ‘Medicine Mountain’

Genre: Garage
Release Date: November 10, 2017
Number of Tracks: 8
Label: Iron Pier

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Supergroups are often hit or miss. But so far, 2017 has yet to disapoint. Since Gone Is Gone released Echolocation in January, we've seen a slew of supergroups come out of the woodwork. But Chomper can hardley be called a supergroup. The riveting soundscape produced by Mark Shue (Guided by Voices, Beech Creeps), Nick Chiericozzi and Mark Perro (The Men), and Russell Hymowitz (Dream Police, Junk Boy), seems all too familiar and second nature. It's like Chomper had been with us all along- conceiving timeless rock n' roll hooks with a spin of classic garage and psych.

Mark Shue has been the original mastermind behind Chomper long before the groups inception. After several stints of no-frills jamming and playing around Brooklyn, the group came into fruition. The raw hard-hitting landscape of Medicine Mountain is ignited from the get go. The opening track "Hideout 3D" is grim and brooding- touching upon the template of shoegazy rhythms and proto-metal overtones. Similarly, "Two Feet From a Rat" and "Wipe It Down" embody an underbelly of classic metal-esq guitar hooks- blanketed with a tinge pop-induced psychedelia. 

Having recording Medicine Mount on two-inch tape - in one day - the layers seem to mesh together naturally- an art that has been killed by digital recording and overproduction. The dynamics are more genuine and textured- leaving enough room for massive atmospheric soundscapes to flourish on "Medicine Mountain" and the guitar-led "I Wanna Live." Overall, Medicine Mountain is one of the most raw and potent rock n' roll albums to come out of 2017. This isn't another one of those "new" bands attempting to revive a a slew of throwbacks, these guys are naturals. 


Stream Medicine Mountain below:

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