Album Reviews: Dirty Fences ‘Goodbye Love’

Genre: Punk, garage
Release Date: October 27, 2017
Number of Tracks: 12
Label: Greenway Records

Purchase: MP3CD / Vinyl

For those of us who were born too late; the era and music conceived out of New York’s most iconic venue, CBGB’s, became the spawn of rock n’ roll’s most influential force. The Stooges, The Ramones, and The Dead Boys were among New York’s unmatched dawn of punk rock- the spur of rock n’ roll’s grim headway. But reminiscing in the music and appeal of the late 70s, New York’s Dirty Fences are a living time warp- a catalyst for revival. Following 2015’s Full Tramp, the band’s third full-length album, Goodbye Love, basks in the romanticism of snappy three-chord rock n’ roll; as heard on their lead single “Teen Angel.”

The album’s opening track, “All You Need Is A Number,” is a dance party of boogie era rock n’ roll- propelled by potent guitar hooks and sing-along choruses. In theory, Dirty Fences are one of those bands you could classify as rock n’ roll or punk- in the same manner as The Ramones, Dictators, or New York Dolls. To one extreme, the upbeat rhythm sections of “Good Bye Love” and “I Can’t Sleep At Night” reminisce in 77′ era Buzzcocks. Additionally, a smattering of Beach Boys-esq pop is incorporated into the chorus-laden vocals.

With the help of Sheer Mag frontwoman, Christina Halladay, Dirty Fences close the album with the ballad-esq sing-along, “One More Step.” Together, vocalist Jack Daves and Halladay sing, “If you tell me I have to go / I won’t be back no more,” over a drunken stupor of T-Rex-ish melodies. The overall soundscape of Goodbye Love gets repetitive, but not to extent of exhaustion. Each song is a buoyant, fun-filled earworm in and of itself.

Listen to “Teen Angel” and “One More Step” below:

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