Album Reviews: Electric Wizard ‘Wizard Bloody Wizard’

November 16, 2017

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Genre: Stoner rock, doom metal
Release Date: 11/17/2017
Label: Spinefarm
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Over two decades and nine albums in, holding on to a single mode of consistency can get redundant. It works for some bands, but drives others into their own regrettable sound territory. For long-time doom metal vets, Electric Wizard, a mild change in direction may not hinder the minds of staunch fans. The band hasn't completely abandoned the hazy and brooding earth crunching chops from which they are based. New and recycled elements are brought to the table- making for a more direct and somewhat accessible stoner rock sound. And that brings us to their 9th full-length album and follow up to 2014's Time To Die.

Wizard Bloody Wizard is a downbeat, earth shattering mish-mash of blues-driven jams. At first glance, you would think this is just an EP, but Wizard Bloody Wizard clocks in over 43 minutes. "See You In Hell" kicks off the album with over six minutes of doom bliss. Like the track title, the brooding guitar jams and menacing vocals evoke the sinister landscape of classic Black Sabbath. The crunchy riffs and twilight vocals of "Necromania" are propelled by sludgy proto-metal hooks.

"Hear The Sirens Scream" and "Wicked Caresses" are equally as dark and ominous- with repetitive slugger riffs and baleful slapback vocals. In essence, Electric Wizard still maintain their underbelly of outlandish doom. But Wizard Bloody Wizard brings something fresh to the table - without disappinting longtime fans. Electric Wizard are the type of band that occasionally shift gears, let's see where they go next.



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