Dillon Price 2018


My name is Dillon Price and I’m the owner and author of Sound Renaissance. My love of independent music started at the age of 12. However, I was exposed to bands like Dead Kennedy’s and Biohazard long before then. But I would learn about music by staying up late and tuning in to college radio. I made mixed cassette tapes from the college radio shows and discovered a lot of great bands. I started getting into punk and alternative at the age of 13 – and funded my CD buying endeavors by delivering newspapers and picking tobacco.

Sometimes I would buy tapes and CDs by bands I’ve never heard of just because I liked the front cover. I discovered a lot of great – and not so great – bands, many of which I still listen to today. By the time I was in high school, I deeply involved in the Western Mass hardcore & punk scene. I published a short-lived zine called¬†Sink With Western Mass and booked shows. I’ve had the pleasure of working with bands such as Last In Line, The Strikers, Inspector 7, The Hudson Falcons, GC5, A Poor Excuse, Outcold, The Ducky Boys, Showcase Showdown and more.

During my 20’s, I graduated from Springfield Technical Community College with an associate degree in teleproduction & multi-media. I later graduated from Westfield State College with a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies (with concentrations in English, communications and philosophy). By my mid to late 20’s, I started getting into other genres of music and even fronted for the infamous Subculture Stereo. Starting a zine or blog had been on my mind for quite some time, but was often put on the back-burner.

In January 2016, I finally launched Sound Renaissance. I am currently the sole writer for this site, but as Sound Renaissance expands and develops over time, I will be glad add more staff.