Memphis Punk Band, Negro Terror, Gets Thrown In Facebook Jail for Supposed Hate Speech

The staff at Facebook once again have their priorities ass-backwards. And for some strange reason, pages promoting white supremacy are allowed to exist without consequence. But bands like Memphis punk band, Negro Terror, get thrown in Facebook jail for supposed hate speech. If you’re unfamiliar with Negro Terror, they’re a three-piece hardcore and oi band consisting of all black members. Apparently, the page was reported by Facebook users who took the band’s name as a threat. But after browsing through their wall, nothing relating to racism or hate speech could be found. It makes you wonder what kind of person would feel threatened by this band (see the meme below).

Meanwhile, groups like Identity Evropa and Traditionalist Workers Party (known white nationalist groups) are allowed to run pages and spout their racist hate speech. I don’t get it. What kind of people are running Facebook? I always thought Facebook was suppose to be about tolerance and progress. I guess not.

Luckily, the band is back on Facebook. They recently released a five song EP, titled The Bootleg, which features a few originals and covers by Combat 84 and Good As Dead. They also recently released a music video for “Invasion” (Which was originally done by Good As Dead, but ripped off by bonehead band Skrewdriver), which confronts racism and police brutality. You can stream it below and if you’re in the Memphis area, catch them live. Negro Terror, keep on keepin on and let the haters at FB hate.

Stream The Bootleg below and watch the music video for “Invasion.”


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