Singles & EPs: Native Sun ‘Songs Born from Love and Hate’

Genre: Garage, rock n' roll
Release Date: November 17, 2017
Number of Tracks: 5
Label: PaperCup Music

Purchase: MP3 

Native Sun are a rock n' roll quartet based out of Brooklyn, NY- consisting of Danny Gomez (vocals), Jake Pflum (guitarist), Mo Martinez (bass) and Alexis Castro (drums). Their music was born out of love for the Rolling Stones and Velvet Underground when Florida natives, Gomez and Pflum reconnected in New York. Longtime friend, Castro, was coaxed into playing drums. The lineup was completed when Martinez moved to the city from Monterey, Mexico. That brings us to 2017- Native Sun unleash their debut EP - Songs Born From Love and Hate - a mere milestone in the band's inception. 

The opening track, "Sister," kicks off the defunct band's infusion of 60s era garage and retro rock n' roll. Similarly, "I Don't Mind" is a ripper of blue-heavy riffs and vocal swagger. I can hear some Rolling Stones and Stooges influences thrown into the mix- delving into rock n' roll's most robust era. "Palindrome" is a firecracker of punked up rhythm sections and Ramones-esq vocals. 

Native Sun lay off the hooks and let loose on the jam-induced "Blow" and "Pink Sky," which ends the EP on a slower and more atmospheric soundscape. Overall, Songs Born From Love and Hate starts on a solid note with the first three tracks. It will be interesting to see what these guys do next, so stay tuned.  

Listen to "I Don't Mind," "Sister" and "Palindrome" below:

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