Neo-Nazi Music Festival Happening In Boise, ID

According to a flyer that recently surfaced on Facebook, a neo-nazi group called Northwest Hammerskins are planning a music festival in Boise, ID. The event is called Hammerfest and is scheduled to happen on September 30th. It will feature several white power and RAC bands as well as a strongman competition. In light of the recent murder in Charlottesville where 32 year old Heather Heyer was fatal struck by a vehicle, events like this should be placed under heavy scrutiny.

You’ll notice from the poster below that the venue hasn’t been listed. That’s usually because the organizers don’t want anyone showing up to protest. But that information is typically revealed right before the event. Residents of Boise, ID should remain on alert. Make some noise and get this event shut down.

Of the band’s scheduled to perform, Beer Hall Putsch are based out of the Boise area and could potentially be the ones putting on the event. The roster also includes Definate Hate, a North Carolina RAC (rock against communism) band that was once the subject of a GQ article. They’re lineup once included Wade Michael Page, the suspect in the 2012 Sihk Temple shooting in Wisconson that killed six people.

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