Album Reviews: Death From Above ‘Outrage! Is Now’

 The duo still exerts just as much thrust as The Physical World. With Outrage! Is Now, DFA make headway with a cleaner and more polished sound. 

Genre: Rock
Release Date: September 8, 2017
Number of Tracks: 10
Label: Warner Bros

Purchase: MP3 / CD / Vinyl

More than a decade after releasing their 2004 debut, You’re A Woman, I’m A MachineJesse Keeler and Sebastian Grainger have seen their share of peaks and valleys. Most notably was the dance-punk duo’s five year hiatus that they were almost certain they would never bounce back from. But their reunion of 2011 came as a bombshell which later propelled the duo back into the limelight with 2014’s The Physical World. Luckily their sophomore album was well received with “Trainwreck 1979” being the duo’s epicenter of their second wave of success. So that brings us to 2017 with a slight tweak to the band’s moniker and their third studio album. Without warning, Death From Above officially dropped the 1979 from their name and announced yet another bombshell, Outrage! Is Now.

DFA’s third studio album is a protraction of Keeler and Grainger’s broadly executed soundscape, and for only two members, the wall of sound monumental. “Nomad” introduces the album with hefty guitar chords, piercing drums, and wailing vocals yielding an boulder of sonic totality “Never Swim Alone” is an intense show of flashy undertones with a tinge of Millennium-era flamboyance in Grainger’s vocals, the ultimate vehicle for abstract lyrics. Ironically the video was shot on a Grainger’s cellphone at a London hotel with nothing more than the duo basking in a backdrop of black and white extravagance. “Freeze Me” captures the duos organic sound of dynamic drums, shredding guitar riffs, and melody-driven vocals. The Corey Adams directed music video encompasses a mansion scene with a slew of eclectic occupants.

“Caught Up” and “Statues” are two very dynamic tracks with plenty of sonic breathing room for Keeler and Grainer to highlight their instrumental flair. The pair borderline metal on “Moonlight” with a flurry of brooding guitar riffs and an acceleration of rapid fire drums. “NVR 4EVR” embodies a tinge of retro glam in the verse with anthemic chorus sections. Not much has changed for DFA in terms of songwriting, which can have it’s pros and cons depending on what listeners are expecting. But nothing has been lost on this album. The duo still exerts just as much thrust as The Physical World. With Outrage! Is Now, DFA make headway with a cleaner and more polished sound.

Listen to “Never Swim Alone” and “Freeze Me” below:

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