Album Reviews: Gogol Bordello ‘Seekers and Finders’

Gogol Bordello’s abrasive musical prowess may potent on Seekers And Finders, but is rather sporadic.

Genre: Gypsy punk
Release Date: August 25, 2017
Number of Tracks: 11
Label: Cooking Vinyl

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Nearly two decades after releasing 1999’s Voi-La Intruder, Gogol Bordello continue to propel their music forward in a relentless fashion, snubbing everything in their path. With their pioneering blend of Eastern European folk and abrasive punk rock, this band of immigrants remedy the stagnant underworld of clichéd music. There are very few bands attempting to emulate their rebellious medley of brisk guitar chords and gruff vocals basking in a crossfire of violins and accordions. And in theory, very few bands are capable of pulling it off or finding the right players in the first place.

Gogol Bordello have profoundly left their mark in independent music. They have roused fans with vigorous performances, fire-breathing and extravagant dancing. And more recently they have defied Donald Trump’s immigration ban with a boat gig on the New York Harbor (all proceeds to the ACLU). Counting their latest album, Seekers And Finders, they have amassed a discography of 10 full-length records.

Eugene Hütz and gang continue the caliber of punk-driven Balkan folk. The opening track, “Dit It All,” is a firecracker of a song. The drums and guitar barrel their way through a rapid fire of strings and brass. Similarly, “Break Into Your Higher Self” and “Saboteur Blues” are unleashed in an upbeat manner ornate with color overtones and brash vocals. Gogol Bordello find a soulful flair on “Walking On The Burning Coal.” String-driven hooks and catchy choruses render this song as the prime sing-along for this album.

Gogol Bordello’s abrasive musical prowess may be potent on Seekers And Finders, but is rather sporadic. At times, this album loses it’s edge but bounces back with “You Know Who We Are (Funk Of The Uprooted 1). The album ends with a the feathery anthem, “Still That Way,” with acoustic strums and crowd sing-alongs. With Seekers And Finders, Gogol Bordello finds themselves on the softer end of their discography.

Stream “Saboteur Blues” and “Walking On The Burning Coals” below:

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