Richard Hell’s ‘Blank Generation’ Turns 40 Today

Richard Hell embarked on his solo career with his 1977 debut, Blank Generation. But his musical landmark, the Kentucky native dropped out of high school and moved to New York where he took part in form Neon BoysTelevision, and The Heartbreakers. Aside from his solo moniker, Hell pioneered the jagged look that became a staple in punk rock. The spiky hair and ripped T-shirts would later be adopted by fashion designer, Malcolm McLaren, who managed The Sex Pistols. But just like his appearance, Hell’s music was ahead of it’s time; snappy yet rough around the edges.

The Richard Gottenhrer produced album sparked a new renaissance for punk rock. And Hell’s most renowned singles “Blank Generation,” “Love Comes In Spurts,” and “Liars Beware,” are driven by raw energy rivaling the likes of Television and The Velvet Underground. But Hell brought a whole new element to the music; faster and snottier than ever.

Listen to Blank Generation below:


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