Rick Ta Life vs. The Entire Hardcore Scene

Photo taken from the 25 Ta Life “Oficial” Facebook page

Former 25 Ta Life frontman, Rick Healey (a.k.a. Rick Ta Life), is at it again- stirring up a hornet’s nest of trouble. It’s never a dull moment for the once enthusiastic unifier turned serial malefactor. Just recently, he stirred up trouble with Detroit hardcore band, Cold As Life, calling them a cover band. But only days before, Rick was featured in an audio interview with Everything Thrash Metal, where he discussed his beef with the current 25 Ta Life lineup as well as Joe Hardcore (promoter of This Is Hardcore) and Black N Blue Productions.

But it doesn’t stop there. In the interview, Rick mentioned that he’s pissed off about being labeled a nazi. Whether or not Rick is a confirmed neo-nazi doesn’t negate the facts. In recent years, he has banded with known Boston neo-nazi, Tommy Dice (who has posted several racist rants and videos on social media). A screen shot of one of Dice’s posts was shared in a hardcore Facebook group, where Rick appeared in his defense. See the screenshots below. Rick first claims that Dice’s band has played shows with Blood For Blood, Ramallah, Bulldog Courage (to name a few). Rick then tells yours truly (the author) to shut up after being called out for racism:

Moving forward, a war of words ensued resulting in Rick going ballistic on everyone.

And of course Rick had to drag Toby from H2O into this:

Needless to say, everyone involved in this line of conversation was blocked by Rick.

They say when you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. But Rick continues to make enemies and dig himself a deeper hole. His ongoing beef with legendary New York hardcore bands only reeks of envy. Bands like Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Madball, Sheer Terror, Wisdom In Chains, and the current 25 Ta Life can actually bring people out to shows. These are well respected bands that have reaped a great deal of success in underground music. Rick couldn’t even bring more than five people out to his 2016 drummerless backyard shindig.

Rick has also made repeat threats to prominent figures in New York hardcore. His most recent was towards Sheer Terror singer, Paul Bearer. One of Rick’s newest songs, titled “Paul The Nazi Stomp Beatdown,” implies that Paul is a nazi and I’m assuming is a threat of bodily harm. You can find it in his new CD announcement:

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Yes that’s right! Somehow Rick is going to take back the 25 Ta Life name and release a CD called Live Learn and Listen in 2018; even after he lost his place in the band and was replaced by Fury Of Five frontman, Stikman. But that’s not all. Perhaps Rick got the hint and has since decided to move away from the 25 Ta Life moniker with his new white power band, American Uprise:

And I can confirm my statement about this band being racist. It features members of Empire Falls, a known white power band. Here’s a picture of Rick hanging out with them:

Image result for rick ta life

Photo extracted from TheB9.com

The guy in the middle of the above picture is Josh “Hatchet” Steever, a nazi who was recently taken down by the FBI as a leader of Aryan Strikeforce. What a complete disrespect to everything the hardcore scene has fought for to keep nazis out. But now this joker wants to make them feel welcome again?

I understand that Rick suffers from mental health issues. I’m in no way a bully. Nor do I believe in causing grief to those struggling with issues that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But the amount of grief emitted Rick has emitted onto other people is beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed. Ironically, the incidents involving Rick are so surreal that they’re addictive and entertaining. What will Rick do when he’s burned every bridge possible? I’m sure there will be more incidents to come. There seems to be a new one every week. And I’m sure when Rick runs out of people to unleash his angst on, he’ll have no choice but to go outside and get some fresh air. It would probably benefit him if someone destroyed all of his electronic devices. And if Rick’s family is reading this, I would suggest some intervention.

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