Soundtrack to ‘Urban Styles: Graffiti In New York Hardcore’

Freddy Alva’s Urban Styles: Graffiti In New York Hardcore was released earlier this month via DiWulf Publishing. The book chronicles and captures first-hand testimony to New York’s bustling graffiti scene of the 80s and beyond. But more importantly, the book features interviews, photos and flyers relating to hardcore. You can also see SR’s interview with Alva, as well as the book review.
Now the soundtrack has been released and is available for download. It features hardcore bands relevant to the graffiti scene- such as Chaka Malik, Frontline, Adam 12, Terminal Confusion, and Loud and Boisterous on the A-side. The B-side features Die 116, Second 2 Note, Crazy Eddie, Soundrel, and Last Cause.
The tape compilation is available for streaming and download at No Echo. You can also find short bios for each of the bands.

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