Submissions: c.Kostra ‘now i feel it’

by Dillon Price on February 25, 2017

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Genre: Electronic, pop, lo-fi
Release Date: January 2o, 2017
Number of Tracks: 10
Label: Pytch Records

 Stream and/or Purchase at c.Kostra’s Bandcamp Page


Ryan Olcott is the mastermind behind Minnesota electronic project c.Kostra. If you’re unfamiliar with Olcott (as I was), he was the frontman of alt-rock band 12 Rods. He also fronted for Mystery Palace and Foodteam. But now he reemerged with c.Kostra’s debut full-length now i feel it, a lo-fi mish mash of synth-driven jazz and electro beats. Dynamic beats and soulful undertones lay the groundwork on the opener “Hear To Heart.” Olcott’s vocals are laden with effects as they shift through the mix. Jazzy brash overtones and frequent interludes are thrown in as well. Tracks like “Girls N Minneapolis” and “Cash N Candy” embody a similar beat complimented with colorful overtones. “Double Crush” and “Xyz” encompass more of a pop-soul vibe with buoyant synth effects and an atmospheric wall of sound. The only downside to this album is the overuse of vocal effects. Otherwise, now i feel it is a well crafted and bright medley of electronic and organic genres.

You can stream now i feel it below and/or visit c.Kostra’s Bandcamp Page

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