Album Reviews: The Forty Nineteens ‘Good Fortune’


Genre: Garage rock
Release Date: digital- 9/9/17 physical- 9/29/17
Number of Tracks: 10
Label: Unknown

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It was only last year when California garage-rockers, The Forty Nineteens, released their debut album titled Rebooted. SR had the opportunity to cover the album this past Summer. But now The Forty Nineteens have returned with their sophomore album, Good Fortune. The trio, featuring John Pozza (vocals/guitar), Chuck Gorian (guitar), and Nick Zeigler (drums/vocals/keyboards), unleash another blast of gritty garage-punk infused with snappy power-pop. The album’s first single, “And Such And Such,” was recently featured on Rodney On The ROQ. The song opens the album with hook-driven rhythm sections propelled by buoyant guitar riffs and 60’s pop-esq choruses. Following suit, the trio unleashes punked-up three-chord vigor on “Easy Come Easy Go,” “Another Day,” and “Crocodile Tears.” Each song encompasses a no-frills architecture layered with colorful guitar overtones and sing-along vocal harmonies.

The Forty Nineteens take their throwback sound even further back in time. “My Camaro (Have Some Fun)” sounds like something that could have been written by Chuck Berry. The lyrics bask in the 1950’s ‘good ol’ days’ simplicity, but the music is textured with surfy lead guitars and 60’s pop drums. Trippy overtones evoke a sci-fi thriller vibe on “Purple Microdot,” a song with melodies reminisce in The Beattles’ early days. Similarly, “Let Love In” and “Time Is On My Side” further embrace the feathery psychedelic landscape of the 60’s with lively melodies and bright pop overtones. The Forty Nineteens sound often pulls from sub-genres as recent as the 80’s and as far back as the 60’s giving each song some wiggle room for distinction. If you’re still not familiar with this band, then give them a listen at their website, or perhaps you may have the opportunity to catch them on Rodney On The ROQ.



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