Très Oui Poised to Flourish Review

Très Oui – Poised To Flourish

(7 / 10)
Genre: Indie
Release Date: 2/9/2018
Label: Shrimper/Revolver
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by Dillon Price


Dillon Price

Dillon Price

Dillon Price is the founder and sole author of Sound Renaissance. With a background in English and mass communications and a passion for independent music, Price launched SR in 2016.

Following the release of Literature’s 2014 album, Chorus, frontman Nate Cardaci branched out on a new musical venture. With fellow Literature members, Steven Garcia and Seth Whaland, Très Oui’s lineup was complete with synth player Ian Jensen. In essence of songwriting, Très Oui share a lot of common ground with Literature. But more clarity of sound and earworm melodies exist on the band’s debut album, Poised to Flourish.

The album’s opener, “Looking For,” is a colorful array of feathery guitar architecture and bright, atmospheric overtones. And might I add, this album embodies a notable 80s vibrancy, with stark similarities to The Smiths. This throwback of melancholic songwriting and instrumental buoyancy manifests on the album’s lead single, “Séance,” as well as “Song 4 U” and “Shy.”

Très Oui brighten things up on “Red Wine & Dry Ice,” with wavy undertones, spirited lead-guitars and melodic vocals. Overall, a slew of elements come into play on Poised To Flourish. The album’s soundscape encompasses an indie base, but the band’s infuses layers of goth bleakness, new wave flair and pop brilliance, that all flow together nicely.